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Does Your Online Business Need a Trademark Attorney? *Attorney Advertising*

Establishing an online business is sometimes as easy as setting up a new website. Because it is so easy to get the ball rolling, many online business owners don’t take the time to consider many of the legal issues surrounding a new business, such as their business brand registration. But, registering your online business brand is just as important as registering any other type of business brand. It is essential for protecting your work, your brand, and your trademarks. Business owners often put this task off because they believe that registering their business will be a long and difficult process. In reality, it may be easier than you may think.

Why do I need a trademark?

The internet is very, very crowded. In this busiest-of-all marketplaces, it can be hard to distinguish your work, goods, and services from a competitor’s. Brands and trademarks are an effective commercial communication tool to grab a customer’s attention and make your business products or services stand out. When your customers see your trademark, they immediately know who they are dealing with and knowing your reputation, they’ll be less likely to find alternatives.

Do I need a trademark attorney to establish one?

Most likely. You can certainly get started by making sure that no other company is operating under with the mark you have selected. We always suggest starting with a clearance search prior to using any brand. You can do this by searching the US Patent & Trademark Office’s Trademark Electronic Search System, Google®, Yahoo®, Bing®, state trademark registrations, and industry registrations. If someone is using the name you chose or something similar, you most likely will want  to select a different one. If you have been using a certain name, but someone else is using your trademark, you would definitely want to consult with an Intellectual Property lawyer for advice. If you do run into any problems like this, it is a good idea to seek the help of a qualified IP lawyer.

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